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Clara Alice Faye 


Our mission is to provide for women's physical, spiritual and emotional needs, helping women thrive. 

Clara Alice Faye was a thoughtful, loving woman who inspired people around her to believe in their strengths and the pursuit of happiness! She was selfless when it came to those she cared for and always fought hard for those who suffered. It's with great pleasure that we honor the power of her love thru the mission of this foundation. 

Self-care is multifaceted and integral to a woman's ability to feel comfortable in her divine femininity. This is why empowering a woman's ability to care for her Mind, Body & Spirit is so important. 


We will provide grant opportunities for women to fulfill their physical, emotional, and/or spiritual needs. More information on how to apply or how to nominate a woman to be awarded is coming soon. Please complete the contact form to stay updated;  We're Just Getting Started!

3 Ways We Give

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