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Spring Social

Saturday, April 29th at The Reedsburg Country Club

Join us for a Spring Social!

Beta Blue Boutique is honored to join forces with The Clara Alice Faye Foundation. A foundation that local women are creating in memory of Clara Alice Faye, the grandmother of our local Annie The Barber, that will help fund other local women's mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical healing, growth, and needs. We will work with other local, women-owned businesses as vendors to help fill a need and to help provide healing. (Local yoga studios, salons, gyms, shops, restaurants, babysitters, teachers, instructors, offices, etc.) A need can be anything from needing help fund yoga classes for their spiritual health and healing or funds for a babysitter for a mom that is wanting to take classes for a better career opportunity. We want to encourage women to grow, to recognize that their power is limitless, and that they have a community of women supporting them! It is not financially capped. So anyone can apply or nominate someone.

Ticket purchases include admission to this impactful event, drinks and hors de vours, and a connection to a network of inspired women! 

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